Join the Hockey Moms Sales team today.  Earn money while watching hockey.  It's easy.

Hockey Mom Tell-A-Friend.  Let your friends know about Boulder Hockey Shield Co.  If they buy, we'll pay you for each sale generated.
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All you do is hand out a coupon with your unique Hockey Mom unique code on it.  Boulder Hockey will pay you up to 10% or more of each sale.  So for instance if a mask sold for $50.00 we'll pay you $5.00 i.e. 10% of the sale.  Sign up below with your name, address, email and your own special code to give to your friends.

You don't collect or accept any money, just refer your friends to, if they purchase we handle all the rest of the ordering process.

Create your code using something unique about you like part of your name or team and a number or two.  It's that simple.  We will send you a coupon via email that you can print out several times and hand out to your friends at the rink.

Let's face it with some of the big hockey store chains bankrupt, others out of business, big hockey companies bankrupt too why should you have to pay too much for great gear.

Today we are reinventing the way hockey players see the game and you're part of it. We have the best full face shields in the world today and we'd love to get the word out.  So I think it's only fair I pay you for helping us.

Down the road we'll have other great offers too and you can enjoy making money on those products too.

If you have any questions give me a call.  Bill Everett 303-591-3797.

I have hand lots of hockey moms, dads and players calling over the last five years and we love to hear from you.  Thanks for joining and giving players a crystal clear, tough as nails view of hockey.

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