Elite Full Face Shield Pro-style replaceable convex lens and air-foils.

Play at peak visual performance with ultimate visibility, impact protection, air-flow and confidence.  More information on the Buy Now tab above regarding the Elite mask.  Suffice to say this two piece hockey mask system combines a flawless lens that is tough as nails and crystal clear, is easily replaced with an unrestricted view of hockey at your feet or up-ice for enhanced view at high speeds of hockey where a split second decision means scoring a goal, a perfect pass or game saving decision without delay.  In a wire cage your brain and visual reaction time is delayed as with inferior wire cage views.  Compare us today and see.

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Replaceable lens protect your investment and perfects your vision.  High impact Polycarbonate cage frame keeps air-flowing and pucks out.

Below is our Junior Youth Mask collection. You can order from the full collection of colors on the "BUY NOW" above then click the product catalog.  AVISION AHEAD Junior masks are HECC and CSA certified for vision and impact strength.

20/20 Visors

The lens is Anti-fog coated both sides and scratch resistant both sides.  Fits all major brand helmets.  This product is for adult hockey players only. The optics are nothing short of spectacular. You'll find the price far better than the ones you see on TV too.  So pro's get their lens for free.  You don't- why pay more.    The 20/20 visor comes from flat stock polycarbonate cut and thermoformed.  The 20/20 is dual coated to be fog free and scratch resistant.

We always recommend full face shields for optimum protection