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Boulder, Bolder Hockey Masks.

UPDATE: June 6, 2019.   The new Zero Plus Senior and Zero Plus Junior are in NY for testing.The Zero Plus Senior mask needs to be adjusted below the lens to increase impact resistance.  This should be a quick change and we will make prototypes for future testing.   We do not have a release date as of yet.The Zero Plus Junior is in NY for HECC testing.  As soon as we hear we will notify you so please put your name and email on the pop up on the website.    Thank you.

Pictures below here's what's coming for the new Zero Plus Senior and Junior models.    Click to see them expanded view.

Here's What People Are Saying

I called one Saturday or Sunday morning around 8:45A Eastern Time, fully expecting to get an answering machine listing their hours of operation... I was floored when the owner himself answered. I got my question answered and I placed an order within the hour! Great mask that has never fogged up! Even better customer service!
Paul Zadach
Paul Zadach
The quality? Phenomenal. The color? All you. The passion put into each shield? You’ll see and feel it on the ice. #gowest #natickborn
Shawn Wise
Shawn Wise
I just spent 20 mins on the phone with the CEO, Bill. He was great and answered all my questions. Talk about customer service. This is a Local made in the USA company and I am proud to support it.
Rick Murphy
Rick Murphy
Thanks Bill for the new Zero Plus Junior mask! My son absolutely loves it. He has always worn the AVH-2 mask but since trying this one he will never go back. The visor is much more crisp and he zero issues with any type of fogging. He likes the chrome cage as it tends to blend in with the ice. He has even said that it feels like he is just wearing a visor and not a full shield. The shield fits his CCM helmet without any issues. Awesome product that I would highly recommend!!
Jeff Mueller
Jeff Mueller

Hey Boulder Hockey,

Here is a picture of me and this is my opinion about your product.  I have tried any other cage/visor combos they all have these things in common:

1.  They fog up like crazy
2.  They don’t look good
3.  They are hard or impossible to replace the visor on

The Zero Model solves all those problems and stands the test of a pro level player hockey abuse!  I will never by any other product. 

  Thommas Avdal -  Lier, Norway


React Faster. Make Better Decisions on the Ice.


Our shields offer visual clarity for your brain to react faster and allow you better decision making at the speed of hockey.

Sports performance depends largely on your ability to see and react quickly to objects such as a hockey puck being passed to you and your reaction time to respond one or two moves ahead.

How fast you see the game around you from player to objects when your eyes are fully masked changes how the information to the brain is processed and by all tests a player wearing a mask covering their eyes slows the brain and decision making.  Having total visual clarity at speeds of hockey is paramount to playing your best.  This visual input stimulates your brain to direct an appropriate physical response, such as picking at spot on net to shoot the puck or access all the players in the contest and decide what you will do with the puck next.   A simple test is looking though a full cage and then slowly raise it up till you see clearly.  Your brain will immediately change and your vision instantly improves your decision making without bars covering your eyes.    You are buying a cage with a lens so your vision will be at optimum performance and your decision making superior. 

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