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You maybe better off with a mask that gives you great vision, super airflow to expel any unwanted moisture and keeps you cool.    We offer a superior shield covering the upper face from forehead to below nose still allows you to breath.   All plastic mask block some of your breathing it is full of condensation and moisture.   Is that how you want to play hockey.   We've always made full clear shields it's all we do.   USA Hockey recommends the use of a full clear face mask. 

This means a players face is covered from helmet to chin.   No all wire cages. We never made those we don't believe the eyes should be caged so we always made a full shield covering the players upper face with a crystal clear, tough as nails shield that was replaceable too.

Our Zero Plus models all have shields from top edge of the helmet to below the nose.  We feel our new designs with 1080 steel frame and full clear shield offer more benefits such as dual coated lens with zero fogging and easy to clean over and over shield protection.   The thin-bar frame offers rapid air- exchange of a players sweat and exhalation and from outside moisture from the rinks air system or from contact from players avoiding any trapped moisture inside the full clear shield.

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We've Always Shielded And Protected You. And Now Things You Can't See. No Compromises.


Your in-game performance depends on your ability to see what's happening on the ice. Forget the distracting cage. Our lens is designed to provide crystal clear vision and never fog, even with a big beard.

We've Always Shielded Your Face For All Reasons. Up Your Game.

$10.00 Off instant savings order today.  Normally $89.99. 

No codes needed.  This mask is a full clear shield according to USA Hockey's recent press release.

Both our Adult and Adult Small/Medium (Junior) passed adult impact testing. Our highly scratch resistant and anti-fog lenses give you the same on-ice protection while opening up your vision for better game performance.

Now Selling Two Styles Of Infection-Control Medical Masks

As our way of doing our part during the global health crisis, we're now opening selling infection-control medical face masks.

Medical institutions, hospitals and medical center discounts available. Buy 100 for as little as $5.25. Volume discounts for larger orders. Call for details.


  • This infection-control face mask prevents infection by protecting from airborne transmission such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Bendable, yet sturdy and almost unbreakable!
  • Made from crystal-clear, tough-as-nails plastic with dual fog coating.

The Zero Plus Mask Systems will take your game to a new level.  Two adult models for shipping today for player above 10 years old for B1 HECC required impact. And watch for a new Zero Plus coming soon for youth players 10 years of age and under.

No more foggy lens or condensation. The inside lens coatings resist scratching and are equipped with advanced anti-fog coating. Finally, no more square wire bars blocking your vision. Just perfect on-ice hockey clarity through a three inch pro-style polycarbonate lens.

What makes our Zero Plus masks superior?

  1. Technical upgrades: New lens design and positioning. The lens was raised to the top edge of the helmet just below and overlapping the cage frame, setting the lens in optimum position for superior vision
  2. The second horizontal bar sets the lens away from the helmet and face to increase air-flow turbulence, keeping you cool while you play.
  3. The third lens feature tilts the lens out to deflect impact and allow circulation to the upper part of the face and eyes
  4. The best lens coatings on the market with advance coatings baked on both sides for scratch resistance and anti-fog.
  5. The lower cage frame starts to pitch back towards the face and again is designed to deflect shots and allow you great lower face protection and airflow.
  6. Another benefit of combining lens with wire is significantly more airflow (vs a polycarbonate cage frame) and the ability to design better than in a full injection molded frame.
  7. The chin cup can adjust to loop the cup around the lower two vertical bars or allow it to float for optional fit to the chin.

Finally, if you look at the majority of all hockey players they wear full cages. With our visor lens your view just keeps getting better. This combination of wire frame surrounding the lens is unique. And for hockey players the entire design passes the “mirror test” so your buddies don't ridicule. Plus, the high impact polycarbonate lens is replaceable.

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Why are we priced this way?

Expert engineering went into making the Zero Plus a huge vision advantage without sacrificing protection, comfort or style. This is a 100% new dual-coated, pro-style design lens which is replaceable and is raised up high to the top of the helmet with a lens design that shuttles the air through the mask to cool the upper face. Our Zero Plus masks are truly a breakthrough in hockey face shield design. Go ahead to try to make it fog.

Impact testing:  This mask has been impact tested for certification at B1 adult impact protection according to Intertek, the company who certifies for HECC. We are completely the process while this model is being manufactured.

The standards F513 − 12 Standard Specification ASTM An American National Standard Eye and Face Protective Equipment for Hockey Players 1Requirements:  Did you know adult masks are considered suitable for players above 10 yrs old 1.6.1 Type B1—A full-face protector intended for use by persons older than ten years of age, other than goaltenders; 1.6.2 Type B2—A full-face protector intended for use by persons ten years of age or younger, other than goaltenders.

On-ice performance depends largely on the brain's ability to react to what your eyes see.  

How fast you see the game around you when your eyes are fully masked changes how the information to the brain is processed. By all tests on players, wearing a mask covering their eyes slows the brain and decision making. Having total visual clarity at the speeds of hockey play is paramount to playing your best. This visual input stimulates your brain to direct an appropriate physical response, such as picking at spot on net to shoot the puck or access all the players in the contest and decide what you will do with the puck next.   A simple test is looking though a full cage and then slowly raise it up till you see clearly. Your brain will immediately change and your vision instantly improves your decision making without bars covering your eyes. You are buying a cage with a lens so your vision will be at optimum performance and your decision making superior. 

BHS vision comparison

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Now Selling Infection-Control Medical Face Masks

As our way of doing our part during the gobal health crisis, we've turned our attention to crystal clear full plastic face masks for infection-control for medical staff.

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