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December 5, 2019 Both our Senior and Junior new masks have now passed impact testing for certification.  The Juniors will be released this month.  We will manufacture the seniors now they passed.  Plan on 6 weeks for the seniors.  More to come.

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On Ice performance depends largely on the brain's ability to react to what your eyes see.  

How fast you see the game around you from player to objects when your eyes are fully masked changes how the information to the brain is processed and by all tests a player wearing a mask covering their eyes slows the brain and decision making.  Having total visual clarity at speeds of hockey is paramount to playing your best.  This visual input stimulates your brain to direct an appropriate physical response, such as picking at spot on net to shoot the puck or access all the players in the contest and decide what you will do with the puck next.   A simple test is looking though a full cage and then slowly raise it up till you see clearly.  Your brain will immediately change and your vision instantly improves your decision making without bars covering your eyes.    You are buying a cage with a lens so your vision will be at optimum performance and your decision making superior. 

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