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Max Verlinsky    March 5, 2019   Illinois   
Best customer care that I’ve ever came across  

My 13 year old has been using AVAH junior mask with a clear polycarbonate frame for a couple of years. When the frame cracked ( probably from the screws getting rusty) I’ve ordered another one online. I placed a call to the company next day just to verify delivery timeframe and was very pleasantly surprised when an owner picked up the phone and spent some time talking to me and explaining different types of shields that they manufacture. When I told him that I’ve ordered a replacement. for a broken frame, he included another frame and a shield with no extra charge. The product itself is far superior to other “fishbowls “ on the market and customer service is second to none !!!

Colten Jamieson    December 8, 2018   West Olive, Michigan   
Keep your head up  

The AVISION AHEAD ELITE MASK - SENIOR (all clear) is by far the best shield in the industry right now. Hands down.
I wish I had this shield 15 years ago, when I was play AAA for Sarnia back in Canada.
The main thing I like about the shield, other then not fogging, is that it helps me keep my head up so I can see what’s coming but also see the puck as well.

MARY    November 14, 2018  

I sent a picture of a damaged face shield purchased from AVISION.

Without hesitation, offered to replace my '06 player shield.
Awesome customer service.
Seamless process.

Jeff Mueller    October 16, 2018   Missouri   
Zero Plus Junior Shield  

My son just got to try out the new Zero Plus Junior Shield and let me say this mask is awesome!! He used to use the AVH-2 mask and was skeptical about trying a new shield. After a few arguments he tried it and loved it! He likes the visor because it does not fog. At all!! The AVH-2 was a bigger visor that came down past his nose which would make the visor fog around the bottom. The Zero Plus fits his CCM helmet with no issues. He chose the chrome cage. He says it tends to blend in with the ice and to him he feels as if he is only wearing just a visor. Would highly recommend this shield!! Great customer service and great product!

Justin Jean    October 12, 2018   Anthem   
By FAR the best cage I've used!!!  

I have tried so many different cages. The wires get in the way of my vision. I've tried to cut some out to make them better to see and of course by doing that -it weakens the cage and opens up more chance for injury. I'm not looking to keep my dentist in business by not wearing a cage. I've tried the hybrid shield's from Bauer and the first time using it, it fogged up. What's the point of claiming to be fog free when it it isn't. I was super skeptical to try the Zero I cage yet the concept looked good. I wish I had discovered it a long time ago because it has been the best cage I've ever used. It NEVER fogs up even when I've played on ice that had the fog layer drifting off of it. Other player on the bench were borrowing my towel to clear their shields and mine was perfectly clear. Yes it's a little heavier than other hybrid or titanium cages, yet the trade off for perfect vision and no fogging is WELL worth it. Several of my teammate have asked me where to get this shield. Great product!!!! Buy one, try it and you'll be wondering why you didn't get it sooner!!

Pete    October 8, 2018   Washington, USA   
Another Happy Customer  

The process was straightforward and simple, shipping was fast and I appreciate the provided tracking information. My son loves his new Zero II visor, and has had nothing but good things to say about how much more he can see on the ice compared to his old cage:

Thanks and best regards

Quinn O'Connor    October 5, 2018   Denver, CO   
Another Happy Customer  

I love my Boulder Hockey face shield! I can see so much better than with a cage and fog is no an issue. Great product.

Will Everett    October 4, 2018   Denver   
Great view, zero fogging.  

Ive used every Boulder Hockey mask for 10 years. I have worn every model and the new Zero I is my favorite. It never fogs, gives me clear vision all over the ices and has lots of airflow. I never liked the square bars covering my eyes. I'm the son of the owner so who better to know than me. From Bantam to Beer league.

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