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Mask Splatter Protection Request.
We have a solution to add a clear vinyl film over the lower wire cage of both Zero Plus models. This may help reduce splatter or airborne droplets or other particles that a player may come in contact with on the ice or on the bench. Wipes clean. Watch for it in January. It's removable and as a film adds no weight to the mask. You can customize it as you like for venting. We will notify you when you can order.

We've Always Shielded And Protected You. And Now Things You Can't See. No Compromises.

Your in-game performance depends on your ability to see what's happening on the ice. Forget the distracting cage. Our lens is designed to provide crystal clear vision and never fog, even with a big beard.

The Zero Plus Adult Large is the standard men's mask. We (previously called it Zero Plus Senior) can now be ordered. Order today instant $20.00 off at checkout.

We've Always Shielded Your Face For All Reasons. Up Your Game.

Both our Adult and Adult Small/Medium (Junior) passed adult impact testing. Our highly scratch resistant and anti-fog lenses give you the same on-ice protection while opening up your vision for better game performance.

Zero Plus Junior is now called Zero Plus Adult Small/Medium. All players 10 years and older are required to wear adult face shields. Available to ship now. Order now instant $10.00 OFF at checkout.

Zero Youth Face Masks Coming Soon.

The two masks available today are B1 impact tested for use for all players over the age of 10 years old.

The third Zero Plus Youth mask will be smaller and B2 tested for HECC certification.

Thanks for your patience this third Youth model is a winner!

If you have any questions call us today.  303-591-3797.

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