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The Mirror test doesn’t make you look cool it’s actually slowing your reactions.

A hockey player inside the rink

Do you know what the mirror test is, it goes like this, a college, prep or high school player puts on his gear walks into the bathroom, combs his hair, puts his helmet on and pulls down his ugly wire cage and says I cannot see as good as a visor but I'm wearing what everyone else wears. That's not logical or cool. And at any elite level to all pro levels there isn't even one player who goes pro and takes his ugly wire cage with him. Why is that?

If he's an elite player he wears a visor on the US Junior team, Olympics or other annual national teams. This holds true for every college player who come from Canada or any other international country. So why is it that you're wearing a wire cage. Statics tell us that visual acuity and reaction time is lower. Your right it's the mirror test- really?

If you're a player who wants something that gives you spectacular visual clarity and sharpens your reaction time, please put your comments here on exactly what you want and be part of the design team. We want to hear from you. We'll email you and keep you posted on our new designs. Bill Everett

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